Monday, April 14, 2014

4 more finds

So I was going to check out a few places that I learned about some golf ball formations, and on the way to check them out, I found more dominoes. The gods must be laughing at me - and let's be honest, they are totally right to do so. I mean, look at what I'm doing here - I'm actually cataloging this fucking bullshit.

In the Lindenwood Park neighborhood, I found a pair of golf balls embedded in new pavement directly behind the Bread Co. on Ivanhoe at Sutherland:

A few blocks away, in front of the post office on Clifton, I found a trio of golf balls that seemed pretty worn down, as if they have been there for quite some time. The pavement didn't seem too recent.

Going down Arsenal, right next to Tower Grove Park at the intersection of Arsenal and Roger, I found a nice, fresh set of dominoes right in the crosswalk:

And then finally, in Benton Park West, I found another domino in a very strange place. At the intersection of Wyoming and California, on the edge of concrete and asphalt, I found a single domino next to a manhole cover. It was actually not even firmly embedded, as I was able to pick it up without any prying. Of course I didn't do that, because that would be an extra jerky thing to do. Regardless, check it:

 -That nice building in the background of the photo was recently renovated, and really highlights the opportunity in that neighborhood. Oooooweee.

More and more, I'm settling on the idea of a city street worker or workers doing this.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Christy Greenway. And the Mississippi Shoreline.

Oh man. So I found another set o' the ole' bones the other day. This time, at Christy Greenway and Terrace Street. I think it was probably laid last fall, but when you really think about it, what the shit do I know. Nothing, that's what.

You'll note that it looks as if they had been smeared with tar or something. Not sure what that means, but I feel as though it supports my theory of these things being laid at the time of paving, by a street department worker. I've lost count of these things.

Another thing I found on the same ride, was closer to the river. Riding along the relatively new asphalt path that runs behind the River City Casino and over to Jefferson Barracks, I happened to notice some stuff on the banks of the river. Since there are no leaves on the trees, it was easier to see through them and onto the shore than it would the rest of the year. Check it out:

Rows upon rows of concrete and woden pylons, sloping into the river. It is clear that whatever they had been supporting earlier in their lives is now long gone, though I suspect it was some sort of a boat launch for some old shipyard.

I am familiar with the location of shipyards that were located nearby, originally owned and operated by none other than James Eads, better known for his bridges. These shipyards built many of the famous "ironclads" that get a lot of attention during the Civil War, but as far as I can tell, they were located upstream, right on the other side of the River Des Peres. (Read more info about them here and here.)

However, those shipyard still existed and were operating under the name "Rohan Boat, Boiler and Tank Co." by the year 1933 when this man purchased them and continued making boat after boat for both the US and the USSR until 1984. So I wonder if the shipyards expanded onto both sides of the River Des Peres of the years. Having just looked at I didn't learn much, only that I wish it the images were higher resolution, and I can't definitively see those pylons until the images taken in the 1990's - and they were clearly not being used by anything at that time.

This is what I love about this town, there are a seemingly endless amount of secrets to be told, if you look closely.

Monday, February 10, 2014

In the Shadow of the Cherokee Indian

Holy Smokes! Strolling down historic Cherokee the other day, having felt a mite peckish, I found myself investigating one of the nearby Mexican food purveyors in order to satiate my growing burgeoning hunger with some Latin comestibles.

Imagine my surprise, post-meal, that upon hoofing it across the street at the intersection of Cherokee and Jefferson, I scoped a couple of dominoes squished into the asphalt. I had to act quickly, however, because the people behind the wheels of all the cars in a 2 block radius were out of their minds, and incapable of making decisions that weren't terrible. Survival was going to be tricky.

Timing my crossing with the stoplight, I had the camera ready, and only had to stop for 4-5 seconds for a snap of the domino in the road.


This one was smack dab in the center of the crosswalk, halfway across the street. Dude.

Stay tuned, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of these things.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Whoah Mama! 3 more spots.

I've been a tad lazy lately, possibly a result of misanthropy getting the better of me. But after today's find, I've decided to post an update of the recent discoveries.

This morning, a Saturday, I was out for a ride before work started and was just totally reveling in the magnificent autumn weather - it seriously doesn't get much better for fall here in St. Louis. A fucking pumpkin spice latte would have been the frothy yoga-pants-clad cherry on top if I had a blanket and cozy couch on the bay window into which I could snuggle. Anyway, so I was passing through North City in all of it's frustratingly bombed-out glory, when I started passing through one of the bright spots up there - Old North St. Louis. New pavement, clean streets, beautifully restored brick environment, I was loving it. It felt warm. I look down, only to find a fresh domino at the corner of St. Louis Avenue and Blair, less than a block from Crown Candy - home of the best malt you could ever possibly hope to have:

Crown Candy in the background.

I wasn't pressed for time, so I circled a few more blocks, taking in the scenery, and checked a few more intersections of new pavement - but to no avail.

Next up on our tour, is another set that I found near Francis Park - a much different place than Old North, for sure. I'm surprised I've only now found this one at the corner of Donovan and Loran:

Francis Park right across the street.

The final spot that I have today I discovered at the behest of a reader, via the comment section. It is at one of the busiest intersections, I think, in the city - Skinker and Forest Park Parkway - directly across from Kayaks Coffee:

I believe that I noticed a second casino token smashed into the pavement downtown somewhere along Washington, though it'll take me a while to get my ever-expanding turd-of-an-ass to go check it out. But then again, what the shit else do I have going on? Nothing. That's what.

Til next time, Hold onto your butts.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

You've got to be kidding me.

Rode over to the Target at Hampton and Chippewa today, and as I'm rolling out, I notice another block of brand new asphalt right behind the building. I don't in The Hills, but I figured I'd take a circuitous route before crossing back over Hampton. The new asphalt is not a surprise, as there seems to be shitloads of newly paved blocks in my neck of the woods these days. So naturally I glance down to see if I notice any bright white dominoes or golf balls contrasting against the black pavement, and what do I see?

This is what I freaking see at Clifton and Bancroft:

Now, I make it a point to not gamble. Which is why I don't know the logos of different casinos on their playing chips/tokens. However, I know that those ARE game pieces, much like the dominoes and golf balls. And they were pretty firmly stuck. Someone out there is bound to know to which casinos they are connected.

At this point, those chips could very well have been dropped there accidentally. Next to each other. At the time of paving. But I doubt it. So now I suppose we have three different mediums through which the alien lizard people are trying to communicate to us - dominoes, golf balls, and casino chips.

Speaking of dominoes, there is a set at the other end of that same block - Chippewa and Clifton:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Arsenal and Hampton

Whoah, nelly! Has there been a lot of off-the-wall, crazy activity lately with new dominoes and golf balls, or what! It might be a little too much for me to handle. I mean this is getting out of hand. 

Thanks to the recent Reddit post, I have become privy to 2 more locations of dominoes. I managed to check the first one out today,  at Arsenal and Hampton, technically within the Clifton Heights neighborhood. If you've ever had your hair done did at Lords and Ladies Hair Salon at this corner, you should go back there and look right in front of the front door, because there it is:

These have the colored dots, so whatever that means.

I've also learned that there may be another set at Forest Park Parkway and Skinker, which should be easy for me to verify, as I pass through that intersection on my way to work every day. I would not be surprised, since FP Parkway had been re-paved last week from Des Peres Road all the way to Skinker - and there is a golf ball at Des Peres Road. Talk about crazy.

Additionally, today on the same ride where I found the Arsenal and Hampton domino, I also noticed that pair of dominoes I had found just a couple blocks away at 59th and Southwest, in front of Jimmy Mack's Bar and Grill, is now missing one of the two. I would bet it just got jostled loose and knocked away. You can still see the depression left in the asphalt where the second domino once was.

Stay tuned, as I must now ponder the greater implications that all of this has on the world situation.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Compton and Washington, my theory, and Reddit

Greetings, others who have little else to occupy their brain.

Found this set about a week ago, at Compton and Washington.

Those tiles look like they had asphalt kinda smeared over them, as if it they had been smeared at the time of paving. I don't think asphalt will smear once it's set. This leads me to lean more towards believing the theory that a Street Dept. worker is behind this. I feel somewhat certain that this stuff can only be laid at the time of paving.

Speaking of paving, there seems to have been a shitload of new pavement being laid all throughout South City lately. In the process of riding around, I have found many more golf balls. I am too lazy to grab photos of all of them and upload them today, but I can tell you I've found them at Forest Park Parkway and Des Peres Road, along Eichelberger where it intersects both Wherry AND Macklind (and there is already a domino at Macklind and Eichelberger!) Not to mention that huge stretches of Manchester, Arsenal, and Chippewa have all been repaved, and I bet there is tons more buried treasure to be found.

I was passing by Eichelberger and Wherry the other day while the Street Dept. was in the process of striping the newly paved stretch - had any of them been standing around instead of actually working, I would have inquired about what the shit this is all about. But sure enough, fresh golf balls in the pavement the same day or day after that stretch was paved, and a golf ball found in the asphalt the DAY AFTER Forest Park Parkway was repaved. It HAS to be a City Street worker.

Which kinda makes me wonder if the golf ball thing is like some apprentice person who is copy-catting the domino guy. Do they know each other? Are they related? Is one guy taking over for the domino guy? WHAT THE SHIT

Onto other news, It looks like I'm (or rather, this phenomenon) is Reddit-famous:

Be sure to chime in.